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get_free's Journal

The Vines
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The first LJ Vines community EVER! That’s right!
For the fans of the Aussie band and the madness they bring with them in the form of music and that front man of theirs, Craig. Love the album? Love the shows? Love the band? Wanna make love to the band? Then you’re more than welcome here.

Get their album, Highly Evolved, in stores now. You’ll love it!
And as much as I don’t like most music channels, check them out to catch both their debut video to Get Free and their newest one for, Outtathaway.

For more info on what they’re up to check the sites listed bellow.

If you have a site about the Vines and want to have it promoted here just e-mail me and I’ll stick it on.
Feedback is welcome!
Also, if you have a music site of your own whatever the subject, let me know. I’m working on a listing of sorts.

Comments, questions, complaints, marriage proposals, just e-mail ‘em to me.

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